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How to Save on Utility Bills During Coronavirus

As you spend more time at home during coronavirus, utility bills will go up Save on electricity by making a few changes to how and when you wash dishes and clothes Save on your water bill by shortening showers and checking for leaks Coronavirus has made major changes to how we live our daily lives. While…

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Coronavirus in Your Apartment Community: How To Stay Safe

Coronavirus (COVID-19) hygiene and preparation is critical to protect yourself and your family The CDC has issued a number of guidelines and instructions on how to maximize your prevention and minimize your exposure Apartment dwellers face most of the same issues as the rest of the population, but also have matters unique to living in…

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How Much Internet Speed Do You Need in Your Apartment?

How Much Internet Speed Do You Need in Your Apartment? Learn how internet speed is measured and defined Understand what type of online activities impact internet speed Choose the best type of internet that fits your needs and budget   From browsing the web to sending emails to online gaming and streaming Netflix, the internet has…

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