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For those who have lived in and around the Austin area for quite some time, we all know how warm our region can get during the summer months. For those who know what it’s like or are new to our apartment community at Le Montreaux, we’re here to help all of you enjoy some of the best ways to keep cool all summer long.

Get Crafty

With unlimited monthly memberships or pay as you play options (that start at $10 per person), CRAFT offers a colorful selection of DIY tools and supplies to keep your mind creative and your body cool indoors – all year long. It’s an arts and crafts studio for adults that offers workshops and workstations to create whatever you want or sign up to learn a new craft. From sewing, to screen printing, dream catcher classes, and more, there’s plenty of options to keep your creative juices flowing all summer long.

Get Your Indoor Garden Growing

We love new options to bring nature inside to our apartments in Austin and thanks to Architecture Designs of Austin, you can too. Head on over to take a class on how to create terrariums, succulent arrangements, mosaics and lots more. Most materials are provided and including plants, mosses and other interesting and natural embellishments. Classes start at $55 and include instruction, ideas, and most materials.

Get Sketchy

Austin Visual Arts Association (AVAA) offers another interesting idea to keep one’s mind focused off of the heat. Every Sunday through Thursday, the Association offers a “Meet-Up” where artists of all ability levels (ages 18+) to have the opportunity to sketch a live model in creative costume, or in the nude. AVAA provides easels and artist benches with the open studio prices at a very modest $5.

Visit Hill Country Science Mill

Just a short drive to Johnson City provides a long day of mind-enriching opportunities. At the Hill Country Science Mill, you can watch a variety of 3-D movies and exhibits in their children’s museum. Some of our favorites include The Story of Water, Virtual Reality and Cell Phone Disco. Admission prices vary, and all are worth the price of admission.


View 3-D art at Dimension Gallery

If you enjoy the 3-D experience, be sure to put the Dimension Gallery on your summer to do list. The only 3-D gallery of its kind in the city, the East Side space plays host to a rotating cast of local artists who produce three-week solo shows. Another bonus, it’s free!

Get Creative at Coldtowne Theater

Now here’s an interesting option to get your mind and body fully in tune with each other this summer; head on over to the Coldtowne Theater to learn all about the art of improvisation. The theater hosts ten levels of improv classes, from introductory sessions to advanced forms to coaching and directing.

Don’t Miss Esther’s Follies

For some real down home entertainment that will leave you up for more of all that they offer at Ester’s Follies, be sure to put this option on your summer entertainment schedule. Tickets are only $25 and worth every cent.

Read, Share, and Sip at the Four Seasons Book Club

Bring your book club downtown! The Lobby Lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin offers a lovely location for sharing your favorite story while sipping on signature beverages and delving into their latest dessert. The program is called “Library Loungers,” and it’s a new book club program that cultivates reading discussions within their sophisticated living-room atmosphere. The lounge, limited to 15 guests per club, is available Sunday and Monday afternoons from 3 to 8 p.m.; reservations must be made at least two weeks before the event.

Be sure to watch for our next blog later this month of more ideas to fuel your creative talents while keeping cool in Austin this summer!

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